Thursday, December 30, 2010

To My Knight in Shining Tin Foil:

Dear Knight in Shining Tin Foil,
Thirteen years ago today I married my best friend, only at the time I didn’t realize it. 
We were so young and had so much to learn.  We’ve literally grown up together and come together in a way most couples never do.  We’ve learned the art of communicating, we’ve taught each other the “rules of engagement”.  We’ve learned how to love one another and support each other, even when many people thought we’d never last.

You’ve taught me so many things about life, love, and myself; I can’t even begin to list them all.  You’ve taught me that it’s okay to lean on people, not everyone uses it against you.  You’ve taught me that it’s okay to trust some people, not everyone misuses that trust.  You taught me that it’s okay to speak my mind, there’s just a better way to speak it so that I can be heard.  You’ve taught me that it’s okay to love people, even though they don’t always love you back.  You’ve taught me that I am worthy, even though I don’t always feel like I am.
No matter what obstacle we’ve had to climb, somehow we’ve always come out together.  I think we truly were meant to be.  Odd, how I always knew you’d be the one that I married.
I can honestly say that looking back at everything we’ve been through. All of the tough times, all of the rough times, all the times I thought we wouldn’t make it. And of course all of the wonderful times, the easy times, and all the mundane times.  I would do it all again, a thousand times over. 
I will always be grateful for our friendship above all else.  I think that is the part that has carried us through some of the toughest things we’ve been through. 
I will always be glad that I got on the roller coaster instead of the merry go round.
Thank you for all that you do for us and for the kids. Mostly, thank you for all that you do for me.  You make me feel special on a daily basis.  You make me feel like I deserve everything that you do.  You make me feel like I am the queen that you treat me like. 
I love you with everything inside my being.  I cannot imagine a day of my life without you in it.  You hear people say the infamous Jerry McGuire line “You complete me.”, all the time.  I can honestly say that it’s true.  Baby, you complete me. 
Thank you for loving me and thank you for being my best friend.
Love Always,
Your Resource Princess

That about wraps it up...

So I have a ton of ideas about things that I want to blog about, but rather than putting out a bunch of things that I haven’t thought through and are disorganized I’m going to make a list and start working on these blogs seriously.
For tonight since it’s been awhile, I’m going to catch you up on things going on around here.
Where to begin? Let’s see…I passed my classes. YAY! Winter break hasn’t felt like much of a break at all, save the fact that I don’t have to go to school three days a week.
The kids are bored to tears on their break but we did have some exciting visitors.  The boy’s biological dad and his new wife came for a visit, along with their biological Grandma and cousins! What a treat! We had a fabulous day, spent catching up and visiting with each other.  We went and played at Peter Piper Pizza then came back here and hung out some more.  Later that evening we let the boys go spend the night with bio-dad, and grandma and cousins.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel letting them go, but it seemed to turn out well.  Then the following day, the cousins came here and spent the night with us. 
It’s a tough call to make about letting the biological families not only visit, but actually take the kids.  There are so many questions that you can never really have the answers to.  Of course, you have the “will they be safe?” type questions, but more than that you question whether or not the contact is “good” for the kids.  Will they have a reaction? Will they understand? Will the situation re-traumatize them? None of these questions have answers.  I try to take it on a case by case basis.  Sometimes I take a trial and error type approach and others I follow my gut.  I’ve made mistakes and learned from them and once in a while things turn out well.  There will never be the perfect answer, I’ve come to realize. 
So far, our visit has turned out well and the boys are looking forward to another visit, which makes me happy.  Their biological father and I have discussed what his role is in their lives and he seems content to have the contact that we allow, and above all he respects our position and we respect him.  Mutual respect is definitely key to navigating these delicate relationships.  And obviously things can’t be so open with all parties involved.  It’s definitely a case by case basis and there are certain people which will never be allowed such close contact, if any at all.
With that, we should move on to the big day….Yes, Christmas!!!
The day went off without a hitch! It was peaceful and relaxing and we truly enjoyed ourselves.  This was the first Christmas in many years that we didn’t host a large party.  While it was sad in some ways because it was the first year without my Grandma, she did call me and we chatted.  It kind of reminded me of the days when I lived so far away and we didn’t have family close by.  It was nice to hear her voice and know that someone else was appreciating her on Christmas.  It was also enjoyable to not have to start cooking at the crack of dawn and we could eat dinner whenever we choose because we didn’t really have anyone to cater to! My mom did come over later in the afternoon and enjoyed Christmas dinner with us though and that was very enjoyable as well. 
This week we’ve had cousins in town and that’s been very exciting for us also! First, we have cousins we’ve never met before so it’s a chance to fall in love for the first time! My cousin and his wife have brought their year old twins who none of us have ever met along with their big sister who we haven’t seen in nearly 3 years.  It’s all very exciting to us, as well as big sister! The twins couldn’t care less either way but they seem to be having fun in their own right!  My kids are completely in love with big sister, as am I! She is so fun and so inquisitive.  I truly have enjoyed seeing her again! I have also enjoyed spending time with my cousin and his wife.  It’s been great getting to know her a little better. 
Friday will be mine and Jon’s 13th wedding anniversary and we will be going out to dinner with friends to celebrate.  It’s hard to believe 13 years has gone by.  I am looking forward to another hundred and thirteen!
So that’s our month in a nutshell!
Thanks for reading!
(pictures to follow)