Monday, March 28, 2011

Super Moon...

We drove up to South Mountain the night of the super moon. South Mountain is one of my most favorite places to take a drive to, especially at night. I love just sitting up there and watching the city lights and I love the drive. 
I love the tracers, I think they are interesting. We ended up getting some unique pics and some really cool ones just by playing with the shutter speed of the camera. They aren't all great pics but I still like them just the same. I wasn't actually looking for the perfect shot, I wanted to see how interesting they would be as I played with the shutter speed.

I wish that the landscape wasn't so blurry, even though I wanted the lights to blur. Oh well, still learning!

I was hoping that this had more tracers but I didn't have the shutter speed fast enough.

I thought this one came out kinda cool!

I think the best ones actually came from my backyard instead of South Mountain.

The clouds look so cool!

Definitely one of my faves!

Hands down, my fave of the entire night. 

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