Friday, April 1, 2011

Sisters By Heart

I have this sister, but we didn't share the same womb. We don't have the same blood, but she's my sister just the same. She's the one I call when my sky doesn't seem so blue. She's the one who calls me when hers doesn't either.  She is the one who comes to me when she hears me calling, although I haven't said a word. I am the one that comes to her, when I hear the same.

She is the one who taught me what family really is. She taught me that the word sister doesn't always mean blood. She taught me that I don't always have to be strong, because I have a sister I can lean on.  She taught me that there is strength in numbers and that she will stand with me and face any adversary, right by my side. She is the sister I've never had.

She really is an amazing woman. She smiles through adversity. She always stands tall. She takes care of everyone, never thinking for a moment of her own needs. She inspires me, daily. She takes pride in all that she does. She is no stranger to a hard day’s work. She is the mother that I only dream of being. She has the patience of a saint. In fact, I often wonder where she hides her wings.

It's been said that friendship isn't one big thing, but a thousand small ones. I know that to be true, in sisterhood as well.

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