Monday, January 7, 2013

Holidays 2012

 Holidays 2012

Well the holiday's have come and gone. The kids officially went back to school today! YAY!
I have about a week before I start back to class so I am taking this week to try and relax, get organized and prepared for my 19 credit semester....Yes I said 19 credits. Don't ask! But if all goes well and I don't end up in the funny farm by May, I will graduate with my associates and transfer to ASU in the fall, whew! Crossing my fingers!
Here are some pics from the holidays. We had a great time this year. Spent Thanksgiving in Cali with our family there; and descended upon Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm with the tribe. 

We had a great time not only in Disneyland and Knott's but also spending Thanksgiving with our Cali family!
It was our first Thanksgiving with them in probably 10 years or more! What a great time and great food!

Next came Christmas.......

Stephen got to put up the star this year! 

Dad had to help him still....

Santa came! See his magic dust?

Pondering presents.....

Showing off their goods....

More goods....

A telescope?!?!

A soccer ball was the main thing he asked for.... so easy to please! 

Happy Kids, that's all that matters! 

So those were our holidays! We were together and every one was happy!
How were your holidays? What traditions do you have every year?

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